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access for Camp Makomanai

Where is Sapporo or where is Camp Makomanai ?
May be many people have these questions.
Please check notes and let's enjoy our events.

1 Use airplane
Shin-Chitose Airport will be better to come Hokkaido . Hokkaido is northan part of Japan. If you reach Shin-chitose airport , you can choose bus or train if you want to come camp Makomanai .
If you choose bus bound for Makomanai , it takes about one hour to reach Makomanai station .After that , you must get on train bound for Azabu if you want to come camp Makomanai . Next station , the name is JIEITAI-MAE is very close to camp Makomanai.
The fee of bus is about 1000 yen (about 8 dollers) , and the train's fee is 200 yen (about 1 doller and half)
If you choose train bound for Sapporo , it takes about 40 minutes to reach Sapporo station . And you get on subway bound for Makomanai (it shows green signboard)
About 15 minutes later , get off subway at JIEITAI-MAE station ,the station is in front of camp Makomanai.
The fee of Train is 1040yen (about 8 dollers ) and subways fee is 280 yen (about two dollers)
2 Use car
Unfortunately , our events area doesn't have many parking space .
Free space which can use for parking vehicles is only one area .(see below)
Pay parking lot is not concerned with camp Makomanai and snow festival commettee .

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